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The Shrewsbury Elite

So I found myself on the beaches of kennebunk. I felt quite aprehensive at first. It was the first day of my new life, so to speak. I found myself holed up in a port-a-potty because i was cold.

So that was..yeah i was in there for 2 hours. And nobody came. I guess no one had to pee. Sometime later on I made my way into town. I felt better. All these stupid little shops with overpriced everything. I blew my money in about an hour. But this is the unimportant part. Fuck the stupid little shops. I had my revelations in the monks backyard. literally. I walked the grounds of the monestary. They had benches and picnic tables strewn out all over the lot. I layed on my stomach on a bench and wrote the following:

"So im getting annoyed at something some self righteous bitch said in my od. I hate opendiary at this point. And i truly dislike Kayla. Oh yes. Where did these stupid thoughts of her come from anyway? grr what a waste of thought. hiss. But my best friend loves her. Or did. or something. So i respect that.

I need to forget everything. But can I really? The last thing I want is to cut ties with my other friends. Chris, Kyle, Ira. I need em all for various reasons. Which is a friend thing. Everyone needs friends. different attributes in every single one. I jokingly call all the "The Shrewsbury Elite" which i was kind of welcome into after Jon came into the picture. I wouldnt ever let friends like these go. Why should i? But how and when will this fade? Thats a rhetorical question"

After my stroll through the monestary I made it back to the beach. This is my mental health day. To forget for now. I hate home. Home reminds me of everything. So where shall i go now? I saw the coast of england from here this morning. I wish I was there with Rob. Or maybe..yes with rob
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