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you want me..well fucking come on and find me..i'll be waiting

To say the least, this weekend has been awful. Show's can sometimes be depressing, and some of it was. Zukie was in a bad mood because of her parents, so that was no fun. But I met this guy. Well..kinda..

Zuke asked these guys who are activists for certain things, such as femminism, animal rights, anarchy and henceforth. I listened to this guy talk to me about how these people ransack all these places that support Huntingdon Life Sciences, a lead animal testing firm-thing. They take direction to take down shareholders, breeders of the animals who get mistreated and such. He talked alot about that, and some other stuff that i didnt really hear because the music was really loud. He was incredible looking, a little short, but he seemed so passionate about his beliefs, that's what made him so attractive.

He was probably gay.

and i met the band five bucks. they told me how cute i was, that pumped my ego. The lead singer had these blue eyes...ahhh...he winked at me about 2 times...ahhh..I nearly died
Im such a girll ;)

Then everything sucked when i got home. Mom informed me that I couldnt go to anymore shows. Well..she kinda burst in my room and started yelling. I nearly broke then. I was talking to Jon and that was helping my cause either. He decided to launch into a whole long explanation of how he just thinks of me as a friend and stuff. Yup. Explain last night as well. He wonders why I dont believe him. He's lied so many times about the same subject, jesus.
So i cried a long time. Mostly over mom. She came in and told me that taking away seeing my massachusetts friends [the only people i consider my true friends] wasnt her fault. She kept saying "That bitch wont do anything!!" and lalala. You see, mom won my respect, unlike jon's mother, because she put herself out. Now she took it away and is doing what jon's mother has done all along. I understand why she's doing this, but it's like having something and then having it taken away from you. It's awful.

Then she asked me if anyone down there cared about me. I nodded.
"Well then they would get down here to see you then. But he doesnt really care about you anyway" I flinched when that one hit. Sometimes I wonder if that's true. She left.
Then came back asking me if I wanted tylenol. Yeah. So i went downstairs and took three mellatonin and slept until noon.

"I dont go to sleep to dream"

So here i am.
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