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Okay, So yesterday was definatly no good.
I suppose it could've been worse.
Oatmeal. Warm and mushy. Perfect. Coffee soy milk. Only because we're lacking the real thing.
I wish i could be vegan. But i'd die drinking that stuff. Hell I cant even be a vegetarian, since my mother is always waving some kind of meat product in my face like burger king or something. ::sigh:: But i've got bigger fish to fry. Like moving somewhere in my life.
I feel like a waste of space tonight. Not like suicidal or anything, just one of those people that dont get anywhere. Im going to change that damnit.
Lexie wants me to fly out to ohio to see her. 419 bucks for round trip tickets for me and mom. ::groans:: besides they're all way older. I guess lex really thinks alot of me. I know this guy named Kris there, he thinks im 16. he really seems to like me and shit, which is too bad, since im so young..Every boy I meet is too old to be in the realm of possiblity. ::smiles tiredly:: so lets stick with the one who's my age >.<
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