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So..making plans with Jeff. hm hum. Go somewhere with a group of kids he knows ::bites nails:: They're all friends with Megs.
I dunno..

RudeHandiSnacks: we need to hang out [still]
UnderlyingEch0es: i know!
RudeHandiSnacks: !
UnderlyingEch0es: !!
RudeHandiSnacks: i need to meet your mom to let her know im not a gothic psychopath
UnderlyingEch0es: she knows u aren
UnderlyingEch0es: arent*
RudeHandiSnacks: then can we hang out?
UnderlyingEch0es: lol i fink so
UnderlyingEch0es: but like im not allowed to go to ppls houses lol
RudeHandiSnacks: lol rad!
RudeHandiSnacks: we can meet somewhere
UnderlyingEch0es: but when i get my room done u might be able to come to my house i dunno
RudeHandiSnacks: like the mall or something
UnderlyingEch0es: but like funtown!!
UnderlyingEch0es: screw the mall!
RudeHandiSnacks: lol YEAH!
UnderlyingEch0es: funtown!
UnderlyingEch0es: lol
RudeHandiSnacks: funtown!
RudeHandiSnacks: seriously, i need to call you up and make a plan
UnderlyingEch0es: yeah ima bring sum other friends too tho
UnderlyingEch0es: i dont yike me alone with girls:-\
UnderlyingEch0es: im nervous
RudeHandiSnacks: lol me? jeez..
RudeHandiSnacks: its cool
RudeHandiSnacks: i dont mind at all
RudeHandiSnacks: i'll see if there's anyone around for me to bring. I dont really want to though, as my "friends" arent really friends.
UnderlyingEch0es: ohh:'(
UnderlyingEch0es: im ur friend right?!
UnderlyingEch0es: bring megan!
RudeHandiSnacks: of course
RudeHandiSnacks: no
RudeHandiSnacks: :p
RudeHandiSnacks: imma just bring me
RudeHandiSnacks: you boys dont scare me!
RudeHandiSnacks: So where are we going?
UnderlyingEch0es: lol
RudeHandiSnacks: lol
UnderlyingEch0es: ill bring joleen and mindy and sarah and matt and maybe anna and ill tell taylor to go and jason and andy and maybe mike
RudeHandiSnacks: cool.
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