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you bring me closer to god [the john entry]

::groans:: what a boring night. Nothing to do, shitty tv. And my eyes hurt awful. But I got good things on my mind. like catch 22 on the 8th ::smiles wickedly:: and..the semi formal. But I wonder if that really is something to look forward to. gah. I think Pat lied to me and jessica about him having a date..heh heh..Good thing I would rather be dead than go with him on his mercy. Please allow me to puke on your shoes. But I think

I think it hurt jessie. She's liked him since the sixth grade. Christ.
And it annoys me that he thought that he thought that I so pathetically want him to go with..jesus..he knows where my heart lies, and it's definatly not with him.

Egotistical arent we?

I wonder if Jo-hon is going to be there..meh..hope not, but probably will be. I wonder if he ever wears that fucking green sweater I bought him. ::hisses:: I spent alot on that..I think I mighta really almost loved that guy, I harbor alot of hurt you see?
But then I was open with him about the re-growth of the longing of an intellectual-not all hands-relationship/understanding/whatever the fuck you might call it with Jon. And he took that for quite sometime. But him knowing I had this stirring inside me for another guy didnt keep him out of my pants. The intellectual-emotional quality got worse and worse...and he got more agressive..I mean..man..and i felt stronger feelings for jon more and more..I missed talking to him. And I got more depressed. It was no good.

so yeah, I think john got bored because he broke up with me. He said he couldnt take my problems. Thanks a bunch man. He never talked to me again.

::grunts:: no good no good no good.
He thought the ataris sucked.
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