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all the cds i need

5 bucks!- Game Over
Aquabats- The Return Of
Catch 22- Keasby Nights
Impossibles- Anthology
AFI- All Hallows
AFI- black sails in the sunset
AFI- The art of drowning
Dashboard Confessional- The Places You Have Come To Fear The Most
Me First & The Gimme Gimmes- Have A Ball
Millencolin- Life On A Plate
NOFX- So Long And Thanks For All The Shoes
Operation Ivy- S/T
River City Rebels- Playin To Live Livin To Play
Rancid- ...And Out Come The Wolves
Sex Pistols- Never Mind The Bollocks
Student Rick- Soundtrack For A Generation
Vandals- Hitler Bad, Vandals Good

yay for that. bedtime.
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